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TeePee empowers your team to be innovative, inventive. Test each new idea easily and quickly in the real world of your business for a continuous improvement process.
Youdon't need to be a computer expert to use TeePee! Accessible and ergonomic, the platform allows you to easily create your forms. Updates are automatic and no hosting management is required.
Don't waste time on software that is full of functions that are of no use to you and of which you only use 30%! Save several hours a day by simplifying your activities and use only what you need. Boost your ROI now!
Our TeePee toolkit is perfect for your needs, it is 100% useful, responsive and mobile friendly.
Opting for no-code means doing away with the costly resources associated with creating in-house software. TeePee allows you to do away with this and thus reduce the creation time and therefore...the costs!
Your company's third-party systems can be connected very easily thanks to our dedicated API. Connect our tool with your software with ease.


Create your forms
TeePee FORMS is the tool that allows you to collect field data through our form configurator. The forms you create and make available on the mobile application will be entered by your users and synchronised in real time. Moreover, thanks to our document generator, you can associate your own report templates (Word, Excel or PDF).
Build your dashboards

TeePee DASHBOARD lets you format and visualize data from your forms on Power B.I. in real time.

Do you want to monitor your tools?
Be notified in real time of their movements?
It's possible with TeePee!
Set up your automated actions
TeePee WORKFLOW is the tool that allows you to associate automated processes to your forms: email management, mobile notifications, SharePoint archiving, validation process management, etc... Thanks to this process management tool, you are able to recreate the path that your documents take within the company and to other software.
Integrate your plans and diagrams
TeePee PLANS is the tool that allows you to give life to your plans: diagrams, sketches, ISO sections, by affixing dynamic markers and by associating your forms. The colours of the markers can be customised and will automatically change according to the conditions you have set. It is also possible to annotate and draw directly on your plans.



The administrator creates the forms dedicated to his activity from the TeePee web platform and makes themavailable to his users. Drag & drop allows for intuitive creation and use of forms. The functions are multiple and adapted to your activities: date insertion, photo taking, RFID reading, calculations, checkboxes, insertion of attachments, signatures, dictaphone, tables, geolocation, stopwatch... The possibilities are endless. It's up to you!


The user enters data in forms created by the administrator from the mobile application or from the TeePee web platform. At any time, he can easily retrieve thehistory of the data entered. There is no need to worry about the network, TeePee is offline compatible so that every user can use it anywhere and anytime.