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TeePee allows us tooptimize the management of our preventive and corrective maintenance interventions. It also allows us to manage theon-call duty, reports of interventions, management of estimates, etc.. Our missions are clearly simplified ! TeePee PLANS makes it easy to location of the equipment on the site and allows us to digitize our maintenance rounds. The advantages are numerous: Save time by automating the sending of emailsNo more duplication of data and no more re-entering of data in spreadsheets!
Methods Manager
Actemium Now Dunkirk
We use TeePee as part of our maintenance operations and in particular for real-time feedback. We share the PDF export of the collected data with our customers quickly. All according to our custom template! TeePee is invaluable to us in the reporting of security, radiation protection and safety events. As for the DASHBOARD function, it allows us to clearly visualise all the data, no more re-entering data on spreadsheets!  
Business Manager
Omexom Bordeaux
Still with your 2 tons of paper forms and 300 Excel files?
Switch to TeePee and consolidate all your company's forms.
Thanks to TeePee, we have been able to digitise the majority of our business forms(new employee induction, HSE feedback, PPE stock management, etc.). TeePee also allows us toautomate the quotation management process, from the writing of the quotation to the invoicing, and totrack the maintenance work on our contracts. Since the implementation of this solution and thanks to the real time synchronisation, the follow-up of our data has become much simpler and more dynamic.
Methods Engineer
Actemium Maintenance Lyon Metropole
Previously, we did everything on paper, going back and forth, signing sets, etc. Today, we have digitised all these tasks. Digitalisation helps employees, particularly in terms of portability, all documentation is now available on a tablet, which saves time and increasesefficiency. Thanks to TeePee, employees grow and evolve by adopting a new tool, a new mindset. We have everything to gain!
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