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TeePee is a toolkit that allows you to digitalise your business processes. Accessible from a web page, it allows you to collect and organise all your business data and thus recreate the simple or complex processes of your company.
Easy to use, TeePee allows you to save a considerable amount of time on all your activities by avoiding double entry errors. Start by digitising one of your activities or choose now to dematerialise all your files (Excel, etc.). To do this, all you have to do is :
1. Create your forms and put them online for your users
2. Retrieve information in real time
3. Set up automated actions (sending emails, notifications, validations...) to your forms
4. View your data from your customised monitoring tables.
Data is transmitted in real time for rapid decision-making and increased productivity.
TeePee consists of 4 main functions:

  • TeePee FORMS, a true form generator that allows you to recreate all of your company's forms and thus eliminate paper and disparate files (Excel, Word, etc.).
  • TeePee WORKFLOW: the process generator that recreates the path that documents had in the company (validations, filing, sending notifications and emails, etc).
  • TeePee DASHBOARD that allows you to visualize data in a dashboard format!
  • TeePee PLANS allows you to bring all your company's plans to life: diagrams, sketches, and cross-sections by adding dynamic markers and associating your forms.
Whether you are an SME or a large group, our solution is suitable for all sizes and areas of companies wishing to digitise and thus improve data processing times, automate low value-added tasks, group together all the files scattered throughout the company and reduce, at the same time, their paper consumption.
TeePee is used in many fields: building and public works, maintenance, medical and paramedical, administration, energy, security, etc. It can also be adapted to all mobile trades thanks to its "all terrain" functionalities: work orders, reports, incident sheets, service monitoring, leave requests, timekeeping, etc.
Yes, the TeePee application is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Other languages will be added soon!


Yes, when you create your account, you automatically get a free 30-day trial version. You will then have access to the PREMIUM licence in order to test all the functionalities of the solution (FORMS, WORKFLOW, DASHBOARD, PLANS). You also have the possibility to access our library of forms on our demo account for 30 days. To request your trial version, go to here.
To start the TeePee adventure, apply for an account by clicking here. Provide your company's SIREN number, fill in the rest of the fields, click on "Send", and that's it! Within a few hours you will receive your login details at the email address you provided when you registered.
Once you have submitted your account request and your information has been verified, you will receive a validation email containing your login details and the link to the platform so that you can connect without delay.
What we call a license is an account on the platform. Choose the number of licenses you want based on the number of TeePee users in your company.
TeePee is available from 100€/month for 10 users in START version (access to TeePee FORMS only) and from 200€/month for 10 users in PREMIUM version (access to FORMS, DASHBOARD, WORKFLOW and PLANS). The subscription is without obligation and you can cancel at any time during the year. The committed month will be invoiced. For more information, please contact us at this address:
The payment of your licences is made by monthly direct debit. You will be asked for your bank details (IBAN + BIC) when you select your first paying option.
As soon as you create your TeePee account, your subscription is automatically renewed each month. If you no longer wish to be part of our tribe, simply send an email to describing your request.
You can terminate your contract by giving 30 working days' notice and paying the fee until the end of the original term by contacting our team at this address :
Request for leave, management of interventions, tracking of delivery notes, time registration...
The possibilities are endless! TeePee is the answer for mobility and digitalisation.


TeePee is a NO CODE platform, so it allows each user to take control of the application quickly and without any particular computer knowledge (and therefore without coding!); it can be configured by all and for each of your activities. For an optimal learning experience, we have made available a catalogue of more than 20 video tutorials in free access from the first connection!
The number of forms you can create is unlimited! The data generated by your forms is limited to 50 GB in the START licence and 100 GB in the PREMIUM licence.
Yes, TeePee can connect to other business applications. Feel free to use our dedicated API or contact us to set up specific connectors.
Sur PC : Depuis un navigateur web (Chrome ou FireFox de préférence)

Depuis les terminaux mobiles : Pour les Android, rendez-vous sur le Play Store. TeePee est disponible en connecté/hors connexion.

Pour les IOS et Windows 10 : Depuis un navigateur qui installera automatiquement une application (progressive web app) qui fonctionnera en connecté uniquement.

Yes, the application supports offline mode so you can use TeePee anywhere, anytime. Don't worry, your data will be automatically synchronized when the network is back.
2 possibilities are available to you. We make all our tutorial videos available free of charge on the TeePee platform in the "Tutorials" tab on the home page of your account. We advise you to read them before you start. In addition, we offer different levels of training in video so that everyone can use Teepee according to their activity and as quickly as possible. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us via our chatbot!
Of course you can! Available Monday to Friday from 9am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 5pm, our support team is here to help you with any difficulties you may have. You can create a ticket directly from your TeePee account and a member of our support team will respond within 24 hours.
We currently offer 4 types of video training adapted to each level. During half a day, you will be accompanied by our expert trainer to use TeePee according to your activity. If you want to know more, please write to us at this address : or contact us directly via the chatbot!


Nous vous proposons 3 types d’hébergement : OVH : au sein de 2 Data Center français sécurisés (Roubaix et Gravelines).

Serveur privé : via SafePlace proposé par VINCI Energies.

On Premise : directement sur vos serveurs (sur devis).

You ensure the security of the personal data you hold. When you create your forms, it is up to you to define which input fields are sensitive data. Sort through your data to ensure that the data you process is necessary for your business and that you are not collecting sensitive data. Remember to regularly update your software and antivirus software, change your passwords regularly, etc.
Although we are saddened by this news, you have the possibility to recover your data at any time! To do so, you just need to export all your data in Excel format before the termination.