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Create your own forms to collect field data
Build your dashboards : curves, histograms...
Link automated processes to your forms
Bring your plans to life: diagrams, sketches, ISO cut...

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Create your forms
Collect information
Automate your actions
Visualise your data
Create your forms
Collect information
Automate your actions
Visualise your data
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TeePee allows us to optimise the management of our preventive and corrective maintenance interventions. It also allows us to manage on-call duty, reports of interventions, management of estimates, etc. Our missions are clearly simplified! TeePee PLANS facilitates the location of equipment in the field and allows us to digitise maintenance rounds. The advantages are numerous: time saving thanks to theautomation of emailing, no duplication of work and no more re-entering of data on spreadsheets!
Methods Manager, Actemium Maintenance Dunkerque

Industrial maintenance

Create your own
Digital tool dedicated to your business


Create your forms

TeePee FORMS is the tool that allows you to collect field data with our form configurator. Create your forms and make them available on the mobile application...

Build your dashboards

TeePee DASHBOARD lets you format dashboards and visualize data from your forms directly from Power B.I., in the form of curves, histograms, columns...


Trigger alerts notifications emails

TeePee WORKFLOW is the tool that allows you to associate automated processes to your forms: email management, mobile notifications, SharePoint archiving, validation process management, etc.

Integrate your plans and diagrams

TeePee PLANS is the tool that allows you to bring your plans to life: diagrams, sketches, ISO sections, by adding dynamic markers and associating your forms to them.
We use TeePee as part of our maintenance operations and in particular for real-time feedback. We share the PDF export of the collected data with our customers quickly. All according to our custom template! TeePee is invaluable to us in the reporting of security, radiation protection and safety events. The DASHBOARD function allows us to clearly visualise all our progress indicators .
Business Manager, Omexom Bordeaux

Energy transport

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Actemium Lille Digital Solutions
TeePee is a solution from Actemium Lille Digital Solutions, a company located in Euratechnologies, Lille. With more than 25 employees, we are at the heart of an ecosystem of 300 companies dedicated to new technologies. We support our clients in their digital transformation by offering them digital solutions adapted to their activities.

Do you have a question? We have the answer.

TeePee is a toolkit that allows you to digitalise your business processes. Accessible from a web page, it allows you to collect and organise all your business data and thus recreate the simple or complex processes of your company.
Easy to use, TeePee allows you to save a considerable amount of time on all your activities by avoiding double entry errors. Start by digitising one of your activities or choose now to dematerialise all your files (Excel, etc.). To do this, all you have to do is :
1. Create your forms and put them online for your users
2. Retrieve information in real time
3. Set up automated actions (sending emails, notifications, validations...) to your forms
4. View your data from your customised monitoring tables.
Data is transmitted in real time for rapid decision-making and increased productivity.
Whether you are an SME or a large group, our solution is suitable for all sizes and areas of companies wishing to digitise and thus improve data processing times, automate low value-added tasks, group together all the files scattered throughout the company and reduce, at the same time, their paper consumption.